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Social Skills groups for children and adolescents diagnosed with high functioning Autism

Meets Monday Evenings

Life/Social Skills groups for adults diagnosed with high functioning Autism

Meets Monday Evenings

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At Work and Play:
Finding Success, Creativity, and Resilience in Stressful Times
Presented by Dr. Leona Kashersky and Jill Shirley, MFTI
How is the current economy and job market effecting your emotional well being? How are you cultivating your inner resources to build the flexibility to weather the storm? Do you feel your roots firmly planted, giving you the strength you need to stand strong in this changing climate or do you feel those firmly planted roots keeping you stuck in routines and patterns that are weighing you down and limiting your growth?
Equip with education, support, and resources you will have the tools you need to face life changing decision points. These stressful times can be a useful tool, inspiring mobilization and readiness for change.
This workshop will help you identify the tools you'll need to rise to the challenge of change, and lead you to discover within yourself the qualities you'll need to thrive at work, home, and in your relationships.
When: Monday Evenings 7:00 - 8:30 p.m.
 8 week workshop
$40 per class
$240 for pre-registration
Pre-registration provides 2 classes free!
Must call ahead to attend.
Call for more information: 916-595-7233

The Economy and Job Market